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WSS Construction and Maintenance

The WSS Construction and Maintenance division is specialized in the implementation of emergency and planned repairs of the water pipeline system. They are performed in urban conditions of a complex underground infrastructure. The activity of the division includes emergency repair and reconstructions of the existing water supply and sewerage facilities – street conduits, water treatment plants, reservoirs and hydrophores.

The WSS Construction and Maintenance also builds up new water supply and sewerage infrastructures under projects which have been drawn-up, approved, and coordinated.

The division disposes highly-qualified specialist teams. They are equipped with compact machines, universal excavating machines and transport vehicles to ensure the 24-hour maintenance of more than 30% of the water supply and sewage networks of the city of Sofia. 

Through the trenchless technologies and by applying controlled and guided horizontal drilling, a large part of the projects implemented by the division are with considerably reduced amount of excavation work.

For more than 15 years the WSS Construction and Maintenance division has been a correct and privileged partner of Sofiyska Voda AD (the water supplying enterprise for the city of Sofia) in its everyday commitments for qualitative provisioning with potable water of each enterprise, school, community building, each household and family on the territory of the capital.

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