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Division Logistics comprises the operations related to process optimization, delivery of goods and materials according to the set quality and quality indicators with minimum efforts and costs. Division ensures hire of machines and warehouse services, concludes supply agreements. It arranges the complete logistic support in the course of implementation of company projects. It has also its individual logistic operations provided to external for the holding companies, engaged in water and sewerage operations.

 Division was established in 2004 and performs the below referred activities: 

  • Market research and selection of  providers;
  • Optimal stock management with option for short-term reactions in case of accidents and emergency situations;
  • Implementation of orders placed by the production divisions for delivery of  production facilities throughout the country. Maintenance of the equipment in corporate premises on the territory of Sofia. Coordination of the delivery of machines  and production equipment throughout the country;
  • Organization of the manufacture of non-standard articles of different designation;
  • Documents processing;
  • Analysis of the completed operations;
  • Daily market research in view to optimization of the cost of  goods and services in compliance with all ISO standards;
  • Maintenance of the machinery fleet in perfect working condition;
  • Express performance of orders placed by the production divisions for delivery of goods and services throughout the country;
  • Data archiving in compliance  with preliminary set corporate procedures.



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