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Infrastructure Construction

 Infrastructure Construction Division is mainly focused on the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects. It carries out laying of new and reconstruction of existing water-supply and sewerage networks, rehabilitation and construction of pump, chlorination, and water treatment plants, tanks and dumpsites.

 Based on its experience, the Division has successfully completed over 400 projects comprising of over 420 km water pipelines and over 210 km sewers laid.

 Infrastructure Construction has a wide experience in execution of large-scale projects funded by international institutions such as the European Union, the EBRD, and others.

 According to the development strategy of Raicommerce Construction JSC, the Division continuously extends the scope of its activities. In last few years, Infrastructure Construction has gained experience in the field of CCTV pipeline inspection and trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines.

 There are more than 100 highly qualified specialists working in the Infrastructure Construction, divided into 15 teams. A well-equipped machine park with various engineering equipment, varying from 7 to 35 tons is maintained and continuously improved. The Division has experience and equipment to construct any type of pipeline in any kind of soil conditions.





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